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Related article: lutely refuse its clumsier brother the 2-bore. The 8-bore is out- ranged, and to me there appear to be but Order Amlodipine Online three ways of solving the problem. The first is to use a nine- or thirteen-barrelled rifle which fires all its shots simul- taneously. I Amlodipine 5 Mg have shot one hav- ing nine barrels of *22o bore, and it carried to 150 yards with fair accuracy, but the nine pellets at that distance are so far apart that for one to hit the particular bird aimed at is a remote chance. The second Generic Amlodipine is to use a 12-gauge gun specially regulated for large shot. This is cheaper, more easily obtainable, and quite as efiective as Amlodipine Mg the multi-barrelled rifle. The third way is to shoot wildfowl singly with miniature rifles as one does rabbits. This last method will satisfy the sportsman, but, of course, does not fill the require- ments of the pot-hunting wild- fowler. The 12-gauge gun will fire nine buckshot one - quarter - inch size, thus about the same diameter* though less than half the length and weight of the rook - rifle bullet. It will throw the nine shot into a smaller circle at 150 yards than the average sportsman can place nine bullets, fired con- secutively, from a miniature rifle. The velocity is suflicient to kill the common sea - fowl at even greater distances, and as the double gun gives practically eighteen chances of hitting to one from the rifle, the double small-gauge gun I believe to be the best weapon for those who go wildfowling for sport. Trigger. i66 [Septbmbbr Prominent Members of Our Jockey Club. It may not be uninteresting to know that in the present year the Jockey Club consists of about eighty members, and that there are few, indeed, who do not take an active part in our sport, that is to say, figure as owners of racehorses, and have colours registered at Old Burlington Street. Of the number just mentioned there are two-and- twenty honorary members, in- cluding the Master of the Buck- hounds, who also figures as a member in his own right ; then there are the Stewards of the Irish Turf Club; President and Vice-President, and the three Stewards of the French Jockey Club ; President of the New York Jockey Club; Chairman of the Victoria Racing Club ; Chairman of the Australian Jockey Club, New South Wales. The honorary members also include seven foreigners, and the years fixed against their names are given to show the date of election to the Club. These foreign sportsmen are headed by the King of the Belgians (1866) ; then comes the Grand Duke Vladimir, of Russia (1871), Count Elmer Batthyany (1893), Comte de Berteux (1890), Prince d'Arenberg (1896), M.Henri Delamarre (1896), Count Tassalo Festetics (1880), Comte de Juigne (1896), Count LehendorfF (1895) ; while the only Englishman was the late Lord Russell of Killowen C1895). As our Chief Justice of England, of course, his lordship could not Buy Amlodipine Besylate well register colours, nor take an active racing part, but he used to breed a racehorse or two at Tadworth, and they were generally leased or sold to John Porter for their racing career. Still, if Lord Russell could not run the horses Purchase Amlodipine Online that he bred, when opportunity permitted he liked to visit Kingsclere; again, too. he seldom missed the paddock at Ascot, Kempton, or Sandown, and was always a conspicuous figure at Epsom in Order Amlodipine the Jockey Club Stand. By his death the Turf has indeed lost a true helping hand. Members of the Jockey Club who have not registered racing colours are the Duke of Cam- bridge (1872), Prince Christian (1868), and the Duke of Con- naught (1872). Although not registered, we have, however, seen the Duke Buy Cheap Amlodipine of Connaught's colours on a racecourse— in fact, in 1 88 1 he won a Military Steeple- chase at Aldershot with a horse Purchase Amlodipine called Blarney. The jacket the latter carried was a darkish green and black stripes, and a black cap; and it was Major Dalbiac, recently killed out at the Cape, who successfully wore the colours. But we shall, it seems, now see more of the Duke's racing livery, for he has signified his inten- tion of placing some racers and chasers under Amlodipine 5 the care of Mr. T. Lushington at Eyrefield Lodge. Of the ordinary members — Lord Colville (1869J, Duke of Richmond (1838), tne Earl of Cork and Orrery (1866), Sir Reginald Graham (1869), neither have colours in the Old Bur- lington list; and the same may be written of Comte de Juigne, Prince d'Arenberg, and Count Batthyany — although we have seen the two first-named run horses on this side of the chan- nel; and the name of Batthyany should ever keep in the mind the bright green jacket of Cheap Amlodipine the late Count in connection with What Is Amlodipine that splendid racer, Galopin. Of the Royal and Imperial Jockey Club members the Prince of Wales, as an owner of race- horses, of course, is most promi- nent. His Royal Highness was I90O.] PROMINENT MEMBERS OF OUR JOCKEY CLUB, 167 elected in the Club in 1864, but it was not until 1886 that his rich racing livery was seen at a meeting under Newmarket rules, and here the late Fred Archer was the first to wear them at Sandown Park, and they were successful. Since then they have been worn with great and popular success on such as Persimmon, Thais, Diamond Jubilee, Florizel II., &c., victories of times so recent that Buy Amlodipine it is not necessary to make further mention of them here. But, as an owner, the Prince has been most fortunate; and if Diamond Jubilee succeeds in the St. Leger, His Royal Highness will have attained the height of the ambition of all owners to win the ** triple crown." The Buy Amlodipine Online only iockey Club members living who ave accomplished this feat are Sir F. Amlodipine Online Johnstone (i860) and Lord Alington (1876) conjointly, with Common, and Mr. H. McCalmont with Isinglass. The appended table will show the Prince of Wales* winnings since he raced first in 1886 to the end of Good- wood ; but the figures, of course,